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Spray on Hermo, get a triple shield against mosquitos!
Mosquitos are not just annoying; they are dangerous too and can spread diseases like Malaria, Dengue and so on. No matter what you do, light coils, use bats, use liquid repellents; you will still find a few around. Now, you no longer have to battle with mosquitos. Jusy spray on Hermo and it gives you a Triple Shield against them. Hermo is a multi-purpose spray has been specifically developed to repel mosquitos. The greatest advantage is that this is an absolutely non-toxic and non-allergic spray certified skin-friendly by doctors. Since it’s made from herbal ingredients, you can go ahead and directly spray it on the body or on clothes without a worry! For best results, spray inside closed rooms.
Key Ingredients: Cymbopogan citrates , Cymbopogan martini , Azadirachta indica , Ocimum sanctum, Excipients.